Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sweets and Sours

hello there! time for "Sweets and Sours"

can't think of anything...


my burn looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better! i don't even think the scar is going to be all that horrible! huge thanks to ann, for supplying band aids and tape... , kris, for letting me borrow her vitamin E oil! that stuff is great!

we are having a USU 26th Ward reunion today! it is going to be so fun! this was my singles ward when i first moved to logan! the people are amazing! we all became such good friends. i am excited to see everyone! i will post pictures later!

i had yesterday off and did NOTHING! i loved it! just pure laziness! i totally needed that! july is going to be a very "hellish" month... work is going to be absolutely CRAZY! so i needed a day to do nothing! cuz i am not going to see that again until august!

i was able to visit with a couple groups of friends this week. i love being able to reconnect with someone that is important to you. it was fun! thanks nicki and suzanne! thanks holly and julianne!

i found out that some ladies in my ward are reading "twilight"!!! so exciting! i gasped a little when i found out! i was that excited!

one of the many blogs that i visit is a recipe blog! it is so great! lorie posts different recipes everyday and then has them categorized by type... dessert, peanut butter, cassorole, chicken... to make it easy to look for a recipe! i am sooooooooooooooo enjoying it! i look everyday to see what i might want to make for dinner that night!!! check it out! you won't be sorry!

well, that is all! i hope that you have had a great week too! what were your sweets and sours this week?


Lisa M. said...

I love these sweet and sours- They are great!

Your burns do look like they are healing.

And what pretty hands you have.

reunions are SO fun!

Lara said... I need to read that book? I have been given no less than 10 recommendations for Twilight in the last month. :)
Guess after Harry Potter 7 I know what I'll be reading. :)